Tiger Teachers or simply the Fearsome Far-Right?

This looks dated already………

Daisy Norfolk Notes...

Sifting meticulously through the strata of tweets under a certain hashtag, I encountered more and more teachers touting the term ‘revolution’. My gut response, usually the most accurate, was to internally register what an utterly oppressed group of professionals us teachers have become. Nothing new in that, I hear you mutter, behind gritted teach… (I mean ‘teeth’).

Oh yes, I agree, it is nothing new. But…and it’s a big ‘but’, there has been a radical shift amongst teachers in recent months which appears to match political trends within the UK, Europe and, dare I mention it, the US itself. As the actor Tim Roth pointed out (in no uncertain terms) a few days ago, if you oppress the working class for long enough they will eventually rebel. This rebellion will career off in any direction it can find an outlet, like mercury flowing through the tiniest crack. So let’s apply…

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