Consciously Cruel ‘no-excuses’ policies…in the Job Centre and at School.

Most children have a REASON…..not an excuse.

Daisy Norfolk Notes...


Those of you who have got to know me on twitter over the last few months may have been aware that there was a charity screening in Norwich recently of the film I, Daniel Blake. I’ll be honest with you, I had not actually seen the film before seeing it at this screening, and although I had meticulously read the screenplay, it in no way prepared me for the on-screen ‘kick-in-the-guts’ this film delivered.

Whilst hunkering down in the plush seats at Cinema City, with the 106 other folks who had purchased tickets, I began to think about the underlying themes of the film. Those of friendship, compassion and resilience in the face of adversity. Daniel Blake exhibited all of these traits in spades, yet he was defeated by a system which did not value any of them. Daniel struggles against a benefits system designed to make it difficult to…

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