Should I Expose the Perpetrator of a Hate Crime directed at me. Are there ‘No Excuses?’

Back in May I decided to take some time out of Twitter and being rather ‘green’ to the whole business, I suspended my account. I thought it was the best way to do it. How wrong could I be?

Unbeknownst to me within minutes of me suspending my Twitter account, someone who had been stalking me on Twitter for months, set up a counterfeit Twitter account in my name. The Twitter address they used was almost identical to mine.

This individual had taken the time in the preceding weeks to make a note of my followers and had seemingly prepared the Twitter Hate Account in advance. As my friends on Twitter know, for over a year I had used a Fox Avatar on both my Twitter header and profile pictures. They were beautiful images of a beautiful creature, taken by the Dutch nature photographer, Roeselien Raimond, entitled ‘Zen Foxes’.

This is how my account had looked for months before the hate attack. (below)

fox avatar


The Daisy Norfolk Hate Account (or as it was later called ‘Foxgate’) not only faked a very similar Twitter address BUT more sickeningly used two photos of dead and mutilated foxes, in an attempt to threaten me. This is how the Hate Account appeared. (below)


Sick fox avatar


Then the perpetrator of the Daisy Norfolk Twitter Hate Account began to message my closest followers implying that something ‘bad’ had happened to me.

A threat to my safety? It felt that way – and many have pointed out they felt the same way about it.  I was emailed by a friend on Twitter to inform me what had happened. The Hate Account was reported and taken down.

Stunned and shocked? I was too. I rang the police here in Norfolk. Little did I expect to be taken seriously, but I was. Without going into too much detail, the Norfolk Police took my complaint and ran with it. Yes – it is OFFICIALLY a Hate Crime. I was targeted by an individual who threatened, indirectly, to do me harm.

Twitter and Facebook are both US Companies and so began my foray into the ‘ins and outs’ of data protection in the USA.

BUT…and this is a BIG one…what am I to do with the knowledge. Pursue prosecution or let it go?

I had no apology from the individual responsible. Even when I asked.

I will NOT play the victim… life is too short.

I WILL continue to SPEAK OUT for the Rights of Children, in the UK and elsewhere.

Postscript: This I wrote in minutes, it is not particularly well written nor is it witty or clever. But it explains what happened and I think there needs to be more awareness of how some ‘big names’ on Twitter really behave.






2 thoughts on “Should I Expose the Perpetrator of a Hate Crime directed at me. Are there ‘No Excuses?’

  1. Happened to me, I was stalked for 7 years which ended with death threats.Police very helpful, but it came from out of the country so not in their jurisdiction. To cut a long story short, I know who it is now and am talking appropriate action.


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